Meet Vicky!!!


Meet Vicky!!!

Hello Friends! Both new and old and ones I haven’t met yet! Let me start by saying I’m super excited to begin this project with one of my longest and best friends. 🙂 When she shared this idea with me, there wasn’t even a question about moving forward. We both just knew it was an adventure we would embark on.

So we are embarking. And here I am with the task of introducing myself and I’m struggling to put pen to paper.Sure, I could bore you with facts – my job, where I live, etc. But here’s all you really need to know: my life is a sitcom. A never ending season of episodes full of humor, drama, and are you freaking kidding me!?

And the truth is, I’m still figuring out who I am. At nearly 28, I’m okay knowing that I still get to discover. Discover laughs and cries, food and drinks, shopping and traveling, and everything in between. I haven’t lost the humbling fact that I see so many of my peers lose hold of: I get to discover life. So join me, won’t you? Let’s embark together on the road of discovery and see what comes our way.

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