“A little pick me up before we go, go”

If you follow our Instagram ( which by the way if you don’t then you totally should ! www.instagram.com/travel_and_treats ) then you know that right now I am all about finding ways to sneak a little bit of healthier snacks into my diet. I work at a preschool center which means I have to be a bit sneaky about it … meaning I can’t just whip out granola and start eating it in front of my class. Usually I try to wake up and have a smoothie bowl before work but if I am being honest, lately I have been up late binge watching on Netflix ( you guys should check out Broadchurch!) which means I enjoy hitting the snooze button once or twice before getting up! Annnnnyways, since I haven’t been leaving myself time for breakfast I have moved onto smoothies on the go! I am not one who to be picky about smoothies, once I enjoyed a smoothie made up of just vanilla yogurt and kale… however, today I made a dragon fruit smoothie and all my tastebuds are dancing for joy! This smoothie is so pretty and so easy to make so I just had to come on here and share it with all of you!

Step 1. Go to your store and grab a PITAYAplus Dragon fruit, super fruit smoothie pack.

Step 2. Toss in one pack of the pitaya smoothie mix.

Step 3. Add 1/2 cup of mangos ( if you are allergic to mangos you could do strawberries )

Step 4. Add 1/2 cup of pineapple

Step 5. Add 6-8oz of your favorite juice. *( I cut mine with water. So I do 4oz Orange juice then 4oz water )

Step 6. Blend then pour and enjoy!

These pitaya smoothie packs make it super easy to make a delishious smoothie but they also are great for making smoothie bowls too! I hope you make this smoothie and enjoy it as much as I did, if you do please remember to recycle the plastic packaging!!!!!

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