The bell of the party ball

So New Years Eve is tomorrow night… Are you ready? Lately we here at Travel and Treats seem to be off our party planning game but by some sort of wizardry we are always able to make it work and pull it off. Some of our best parties have happened when they were put together last minute! We know life can get crazy so we put together a small list of some of our favorite NYE decorations. These are very simple and cheap, plus  some of them are made out of Christmas ornaments, which is handy because we have a feeling you still have that Christmas tree up! 

1.) Ornaments

This is super easy, just grab a cake stand or a vase and fill it up with some gold and silver ornaments. You can also add some candles to the set and bam, there ya go! Easy peasy! 

2.) Noise makers 

This is just as easy as the first one. Just grab a vase and fill it up with NYE noise makers. You can even make a sign for them and place them on the table, they will add flare and it makes it easy for everyone to find them. 

3.) Photo props 

Photo props like this are easy to make and everyone loves them. You can find templates online if you need a guide but for the most part you just need a ruler, craft blades , poster board and some markers and stickers 
4.) Balloons

Balloons are the best and easiest thing to decorate with, the thing we love most about balloons is that they are the perfect last minute decor. It doesn’t take much work but they still look fab! 

5.) Kiss Jar 

The midnight kiss jar is the cutest and one of the easiest ways to add so cute decor to your NYE party! 

We hope you enjoy these cute but easy party decor ideas. If you use any of our ideas make sure to leave a comment or email us a photo of your party and we will feature your photo here on our blog! 

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We hope you have a safe and happy New year! 

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