Just have faith. 

​I know this story is long but it has been a story I have been wanting to share for a while. These two photos were taken by my lovely sister a year apart from eachother. In the first photo ( Yellow Coat ) I was in a very frustrating part of my life. I had been working in retail for almost 11 years and had a good handful of failed attempts to try and bust out of the retail life. Despite all the beautiful things my life was blessed with at that time I was still very depressed and angry. Little did I know that 2 weeks after this photo was taken,my whole life would change. A week after this photo was taken James ( my husband to be in just 12 days)  and I sat down and talked about what was next for me. James could tell I was extremely unhappy at work and wanted to do his best to try and help me find a job I would love. I told him that I would love to land a full-time job working with preschool kids but I was very discouraged because I had applied to preschool/ daycare centers before and had been turned down due to my lack of experience. James and I prayed that God would help guide me to where I needed to be and we prayed for my eyes and ears to be open to hear what his plan for me was. Two days later I went into work and was talking with a co-worker and told her I really wanted to make a change and that I wanted to work at a preschool center. She then told me to talk to Melissa Terino and two days later after I had sent in my resume I got a call for a interview, then I was asked to come back the next day for a try-out and then the day after that I was offered the exact kind of job I prayed for. Now a year later I stand in the same area I was a year ago but now I love my job and I am crazy about the all the students ( and their amazing parents ) but I also have so much love and respect for my coworkers and my co-teachers you are all the bomb diggity, you have all helped me get to where I am and I can not thank you enough for that! It is so easy to lose faith especially when times are hard but I am so glad that even in my darkest of dark times I always saw the light and I never have up hope of strayed from my faith. 

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