Where the hell have you been? 

It has been a while since any of the team has blogged and we truly apologize for that but at the same time it give us the opportunity to give you the full 411. 

So last we talked we told you that Gabi and Vicky were going through some big changes in their lives .. Well our Drink of the Month blogger has been going through some big changes as well! 

Vicky is now living in India ( check out the Whirlwind Update *2 posts back* to see what Vicky has been up to ) 

Gabi landed her dream job as a preschool teacher and also has been planning a wedding! ( check out her post on January 30th for details about her engagement) 

DanaMarie has not only been helping Gabi plan her wedding but she has also started going back to school for Massage Therapy! 

Besides working week or going to school Gabi and DanaMarie have been traveling just about every weekend due to wedding events. 

 We know we have dropped the ball but we are working on picking that ball back up and getting this game started again. Also, we may have been M.I.A from the blog but we have been working our little butts off with teaming up with different companies to get you guys some cool discounts! 

We have some fun stuff planned for October and we can’t wait to share it with you!  Xoxo – Travel and Treats Team 

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