Happy Equals Healthy? – Guest post by Savannah Kopchak!


Yea right, who are we kidding… What makes you happy makes you healthy. First, I would like to thank you for reading this. It means a lot. Second, thanks Vicky for letting me share my journey!

Hi, I’m Savannah, an overweight stay-at-home-mom from upstate NY.  Like every other mom – my kids are my life. They are the reason I choose to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I honestly have been on a “diet” my whole life, but over the last year and a half I have actually made it a lifestyle and successfully lost 70 pounds, but it has not been an easy journey at all. I am in no way, shape, or form a health and fitness professional, but I am on a mission to help others and myself live a happier, healthy life.

The struggle is real. I am a real person with real struggles. I still struggle every day mentally and physically. Should I eat this? eat that? not eat this? not eat that? Workout today or sleep in today??  (SLLLEEPPP PLEASE!)

If it was easy to lose weight everyone would be thin, but seriously, this year I have learned that I am stronger than I think I am. I have had weight issues my whole life and gained 70+ pounds from my pregnancies, but I was pregnant for pretty much 2 years, my girls are only 13 months apart. I know it’s CRAZY, but everything happens for a reason, right?? If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be on this journey to better health. I had gestational diabetes and high blood pressure so that is kinda scary for my future if I don’t take care of my health now! With those issues during pregnancy you are at a higher risk later in life to get them again.

How have I lost 70lbs so far and still continue to?!? Diet pills, laxatives, starvation, and running… JUST KIDDING! That was actually the old me. It was the worst way to lose weight ever, besides I would lose weight and gain it all back and then some. Now what actually works to lose weight and keep it off…  Exercise + Nutrition + Support! That is my magic sauce!

Exercise….I used to work out for over an hour a day in the gym and not get ANYWHERE! Now what I have found that works best for me is at home workouts. Yes, at home workouts are what has made my weight loss so successful. I hear all the time “I couldn’t workout at home, I would never do it, I’m not motivated enough”. I WAS the same way! I told myself I can’t workout at home, I don’t have time or ambition for that. What I tell myself and others now is if you are ready to take the leap to change your life and want to make better choices for your health you’ll workout anywhere! It works best for my lifestyle! One day when I have time to leave the house for a few hours then I’ll go back to the gym (but with the workouts I do at home probably not).

The scariest and hardest part is nutrition, because it’s the biggest part to actually losing weight. sad but true! The 80/20 rule is what we follow (most of the time 😝 ) I have to admit we are only human, we do fall off the wagon. What I have learned from this process is not to beat myself up about it, forget about it, and move on!! That’s where Shakeology comes in. It is a GODsend for my health! I have always been a skeptic on shakes because I’ve tried them all! I feel like THEY DONT improve your overall health! Until I found Shakeology. This is a superfood nutrient dense shake that is for overall health! It has changed my life, body, and soul. It is made from superfoods from all around the world. I believe in this shake with all of my heart and it really stands on its own.  If this interests you, I would love to share more. Shakeology has become one of my passions. We all need to educate ourselves more on what we put in our bodies and how it can affect us. It really can make a difference in your weight loss.

Support. support. support! Another big component to success. I really didn’t think that I could make this a long-term journey. I have been on so many fad diets, yo-yoed my whole life and never stuck to anything. Being part of a supportive community makes a world of difference. I have a coach and other teammates that help me stay accountable. Accountability has changed my life in so many ways. When you surround yourself with likeminded people you are more likely to succeed.

This journey is far from over. I am on a mission to help others change their lives the way I have changed mine. This journey has been a scary one to jump into. One thing I have learned is to get up and pick up right where I left off. The goals I have set for my future are way too big to let one little set back ruin it. That’s what you should take away from this.

I know what it’s like to be afraid to start something new. But you will never see that the grass is greener on the other side unless you take that first step.

Personal Note from Vicky:

This girl is the real deal. She’s got real issues and real solutions. Just by watching her on Facebook, I’ve been so inspired and have already lost 15 pounds. And I haven’t even started Shakeology… yet! I’ve just been encouraged by her consistency and honesty and I’ve noticed the small changes I’ve made in my own life through Savannah, and the results are real.

Connect with Savannah!! https://www.facebook.com/sckopchakfitness

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