“The life of a bride to be, who is also a space alien” by Gabi 

Hey there! My name is Gabi ( a lot of you already know this so I don’t know why I am saying that … But if you didn’t know my name now you do! Haha) I am the cofounder of this blog and I recently got engaged to the weirdest ,most beautiful human on the planet ( I am so excited!!!!) Usually on the blog we talk about D.I.Y crafts, recipes, travel and a bunch of other things …but now I will also be sharing my journey as a bride to be with all of you! 

Here is a short blurb about my love story:  My fiances name is James and we met when we were going to college back in 2006. We met through mutual friends and eventually we went out on our first date. We started seeing each other on and off over the next few years and finally on New Years Eve 2012 we stuck together for good. We dated for the next four years and then on November 5th 2016 (the day before my 30th birthday )  James and I , along with my two sisters, my best friend and my brother-in-law all went to the conversation deck in Philly to watch the sunset …. When we were there he looked over at me and asked me to marry him!  

Now we are planning our wedding and I am taking to our blog here to share our journey! Stay tuned for different posts about all the different ways we are preparing for our special day, I look forward to sharing this with all of you!

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