I think it is time we take this relationship to the next level!

HI GUYS!!!!! I know its been a long time since we have posted on here but we haven’t forgotten about you I promise! We have been talking a lot about some new ideas that we would like to bring to the blog. We took notice on how you all loved the posts where we got more personal with you all , so  we think it would be good if we took this relationship to the next level and got more personal on the blog! You will start to see more posts where we get more personal, we will talk about some of the struggles we have gone through like social anxiety, bullies and being over weight.

We are also working on making a ebook that will have cocktail and small plate recipes, the drinks and food will be paired together so it makes it easier to plan for a small get-together. We are aiming to have the book ready by December but we can’t make any promises at this point all I can say is that we are working hard to get it ready for you guys!

I promise that you guys will start to see more regular posts again, we have been on the road a lot this summer which has made it hard for us to pull it together and post on the blog regularly, but it has given us a lot of material to write about! For now that’s it , I just wanted to check in with everyone and let everyone know that we are very thankful for our readers and I wanted to tell everyone about some of the great stuff that is coming to the blog soon! Thanks for reading! – Gabi



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