Flower Votives

With summer officially here, it is time to start getting ready for the summer cookouts! I love making each summer gathering a memorable one. These flower votives are perfect for adding some fun summer colors to your table settings plus they are perfect for our d.i.y citronella candles ( check previous post for instructions ). These flower votives are easy to make and very inexpesvie, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

-glass votives

-tissue paper

-paper (I used Momi because it’s very flexible but any paper is usable)


-double sided tape

First, cut the tissue paper down and wrap it around the votive, securing it with the double sided tape.  

Then cut out petal shapes on strips of paper long enough to wrap around the votive. The petal shapes are very, very simple. Yellow is daffodil, red is tulip and the purple is anemone. We chose to use two strips on each votive so we could make sure the petals alternated, but one really long strip works too.

Using the double sided tape again, secure the petal strips around the votive.

Once the paper is secured, adjust it with your fingers – pulling the petals back and giving them shape like actual petals.

Drop in a couple of candles and boom, you have a pretty table accessories for you cookout! 

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