Glowing Bubbles

Glowing Bubble Recipe:
Dish soap
Glow in the dark or fluorescent paint
Bowls for mixing

All you have to do to make fantastically vibrant nighttime bubbles is mix a smidge of the glowing paint of your choice into a bit of water. Then add a hefty squirt of dish soap and mix. That’s it!

We used a combination of glow in the dark and fluorescent paint to give us variety. Both worked great!

Note- if using glow in the dark paint you will want to charge it by a light source before this activity. If using fluorescent paint you will need a blacklight.

You can actually buy store bought glow in the dark bubbles online or at Walmart, but part of the fun of making them yourself is concocting the ingredients. The store bought variety is also only available in two colors, but you can make a whole rainbow of colors using this recipe.

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