The search for Haggis By James Macris

I learned many things in Scotland, not the least of which was about food. Yes, there are hamburgers and French fries in other countries. But they do not taste the same. I wondered if it was different meat—Scotland is renowned for the Highland Cow (pronounced “Coo”). But when in another country, eating the national dishes helps you to understand the people and culture. Scotland’s national dish is Haggis—fried sheep innards—which does not sound appealing to our American sensibilities, but when fried with spices it is reminiscent of ground beef in a taco. Haggis says everything about Scotland, a land where people make the most of everything they have. Since there are many tourists in Scotland (especially to places such as Loch Ness), the Scots are innovating their food. Haggis is put into panini sandwiches and used as a topping for hamburgers.

If you’re looking for true Haggis, Scotland is the only place. But go to a Robert Burns Night (a dinner where Haggis and Robert Burns’ poetry is read, because he’s a national hero) and you’ll have plenty of fun, scotch whiskey and haggis.


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