Friends, I am so excited to start a new feature. I was working on a blog post for today highlighting a few Superfoods – then I realized, there are just wayyyyy too many! So until I run out I’m going to do a Superfood of the Week post, you guessed it, once a week. I’m stoked.

Super Foods are essentially foods that are chock full of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins making them especially beneficial to your health. Together, we’ll learn what makes the list, what’s inside, and what area of health their good for such as bones, skin, heart, brain, etc.

So keep your eye out and join me (Vicky) for the Superfood of the Week each Wednesday!

Have a suggestion, request, or question about Superfoods? Please let us know!

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  1. trimwithjenn says:

    Such a good problem to have… too many super foods for one blog post 🙂 !

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