Raw Fish in Amsterdam

Raw Herring!!

Before I went to Amsterdam this summer, I happened to catch a short documentary on TV about the city. One thing I specifically remember was watching the host try raw Herring, a popular snack food in The Netherlands. I thought “Nope. That’s raw fish. Don’t think I could do that.” But then, there I was, walking through a street market and there it was, right in front of me in this whole in the wall kind of place. I was few days into the trip at this point so my courage had grown some and I so I went in, determined to try it.

I ordered it with onions and pickles on the side, just like the locals, however, I did add some lemon juice for good measure. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. The taste was fishy (duh!), but surprisingly good, but the texture got to me as I expected. I didn’t finish the fish, but I’m so glad that I tried it.

I’m telling you this story because it’s a moment I won’t forget. It represents so much more than just trying new food. At the expense of sounding melodramatic, it represents living life. We are faced with decisions every day and I often choose the easy option. I will choose to stay home most nights rather than go out and do something – and let me be clear, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But in those moments where I can choose to try something new, I like to go for it and build the memories. So this is my little food anecdote for you. Let’s live life people, and eat the damn fish.

After all, I’d rather have a life of “Oh Wells” than a life of “What ifs”


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