Danamarie’s Blueberry Drangon Fruit Mojito!!!


Spring is here and Summer is on its way! We thought we would celebrate by sharing this delicious and refreshing drink! This drink is perfect for girls night or you can make this pretty pink drink for your wonderful mother on Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy this drink as much as we do and make sure to stay tuned for more drink ideas this month!!!! -Danamarie



Blueberry Dragon Fruit Mojito

*Makes one drink

. 2 tablespoons fresh dragon fruit flesh
. 1 strip of dragon fruit skin
. 12 to 15 mint leaves
. Lime
. Blueberries
. 2oz of light rum or vodka
. Soda water or tonic
. Ice






In the bottom of a glass muddle the dragon fruit flesh and skin, mint, a few blueberries, and a slice of lime until well combined and fragrant. Add in the vodka or light rum and ice. Stir till combined and top off with soda water or tonic. Garnish with a lime wedge, extra mint leaves and blueberries


This Drink was Created by Danamarie Ortolano and Photographed by Gabrielle Ortolano

All rights reserved by Gabrielle Ortolano

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