West Coast or East Coast?

Hey friends! Help us decide!

After meeting in Europe, my new friend Lizanne and I knew we wanted to travel in 2016 together. We initially decided on Asia, but due to our time constraints we ixnayed that plan. Our next idea was Peru, but in September, our travel month, Peru is in the middle of winter. Not gonna happen. So we’re tentatively planning Peru for February, 2017! 

Several conversations, decisions, and cancellations later, we decide that Lizanne would come to America this fall! And I’m excited! I’ve always believed that the US has so much to offer and we seldom take advantage of that. This will be a great opportunity for us both!

After narrowing a great list of adventures down, we’re stuck with two options.

Option 1: The West Coast

 We’d meet in Seattle, rent a car, and make our way south. We could explore Seattle, Portland, California Red Woods, San Franciso, L.A., San Diego, and a day in Mexico.

The Pros?

  •  Seattle to San Diego is a 20 hour drive, so the time between cities is relatively short. 
  • Two seasons – Fall in the North, Summer in the South
  • Two countries – our day in Mexico will include horse back riding on the beach, amazing food, and other cool stuff. 
  • I know people. Because I used to live in San Diego, I can find free places to crash for that portion of the trip. 
  • New experiences for her, somewhat new experiences for me. 

The Cons?

  • Slightly more expensive trip compared to Option B. We’ll have the expense of renting a car and additional plane tickets. 
  • I’ve been to Mexico, SoCal, and Seattle, so only a few new experiences for me. 

Option 2: The Southeast

We’d meet in DC and road trip to New Orleans, pit stopping at The Biltmore in NC. After LA, we’d make our way to Orlando for a day at Disney, then up the coast to Savannah, GA then Charleston, SC, then back home. 

The Pros?

  • Totally new experiences for the both of us, with the exception of Disney. 
  • The cheaper option as there’s no extra tickets, and we’d drive my car.
  • It’s hot! Which is great for my South African friend. 

The Cons?

  • Rumor has it, theses aren’t the greatest of cities to visit. Is this true?
  • The total drive time is roughly 45 hours, so there’s significantly much more time on the road. Though we both like road trips. 

We both are the types of people that can focus on the pros so we’re really torn on which one to do!

So which one? What are your thoughts? Have you been to some of these places? What feedback can you give? Which trip tickles your fancy? We wanna know!!!

Where are you headed this summer? Let us know. 

Happy Traveling!!!


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