William Wallace for a Day

In honor of National Beer Day, I want to share with you my favorite beer.

A favorite pub for international students (i.e., Americans in this story) at the University of Stirling in Scotland is the William Wallace Pub. The wooden beams across the ceiling bear quotes (Robert Burns, I think) with the most prominent being “Scots wha hae, wi’ Wallace bled.” Just in case you doubted it, the William Wallace Monument towers over the pub on the ben (that’s Scottish for “mountain”). The pub features trivia and live Scottish folk music performed by local musicians. 

The interesting thing about Stirling is the variety of craft beers.  I recommend checking out Bridge Of Allan Brewery for a variety of delicious cask ales and ciders. But at the William Wallace Pub there’s a dark, malty beer on tap (believe it or not, called the William Wallace).  Even if you’re not a dark beer fan, one pint of the William Wallace will give you a taste of the Scottish spirit, and a feel for the rugged Highlands.

– James

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