Baby Guinness Shots!

So we here at Travel and Treats have a drink to share with all of you and it is extremely easy to make! This drink is perfect for people who look how Guinness looks but aren’t fans of how it tastes! Are you curious about how to make this drink? Just follow these three steps:
1.) Pour a shot of Kahlúa.


2.)  Next slowly pour a half shot of Baileys  into the shot glass with Kahlua, you will see the Bailey’s sit on top of the Kahlúa.


What is step 3? Just enjoy!!!


Now when your friends are at the bar enjoying a Guinness this St.Patrick’s Day you can join them with your baby Guinness shot! We hope you enjoy this drink; make sure you let us know what you think and stay tuned for our drink of the month for Easter! – DanaMarie

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