How to make a St.Patrick’s Day Pom Pom Garland


One of the easiest  holiday crafts is making hoilday garlands! I am kind of obsessed with making garlands, I love to hang them above our kitchen door way and I always hang one under the bar in our kitchen. I tend to stick with just decorating  the kitchen and dinning  room when it comes to the smaller holidays, mainly because those are the areas that people hang out in for our holiday  gatherings and it makes it easier for clean up later on

I made this garland in a little over an hour while watching House of Cards! It consists of a pack of glittery shamrocks that you can get at the dollar store (or you can also find them for a dollar at Target) and some green pom-poms. Here’s what you need.



Green yarn
Foam shamrocks (You can get a pack of 12 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
Hole punch
Bakers twine or jute twine


1. Make as many pom-poms as you want. For these particular pom-poms, I wrapped the yarn around 3 fingers about 85 times. Make sure to leave the two loose ends when trimming your pom-pom. You will need these to tie them to the garland.

If you aren’t sure how to make pom poms, here is a tutorial

2. Use a hole punch to punch two holes at the top of each shamrock.


3. Unwind a length of twine (as long as you think you’ll want your garland). Thread the twine through the holes on a shamrock, sliding it down to the start of the length of twine. Then tie on two pom-poms. Once they are tied on you can slide them around and reposition them as needed. Thread on another shamrock and repeat until you have the garland as long as you want it.


4. Slide around the pom-poms and shamrocks to space them out evenly and then trim the long ends on the pom-poms. Hang your garland and enjoy your St.Patrick’s Day!!! Xoxo – Gabi


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