D.I.Y St.Patrick’s Day Paint Chip Canvas

Since St.Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and this weather is amazing, we found a craft that you can make outside and it won’t take long to make so you can get back to relaxing and soaking up that sun!
This craft is easy to make and requires only a few supplies! You can place this canvas on the wall,or if you make a smaller version you can always place it on the snack table at your St.Patrick’s Day party! One of the best things about this craft is that, no matter what size you make your canvas it is easy to store away for next year! We hope you enjoy this craft and hope you have a fantastic St.Patrick’s Day!!! Xoxo – Gabi

How to Make a Paint Chip Canvas
Craft and photos by : Craftaholics Anonymous


canvas {mine is 24″x30″}
4 different colors of paint {i used spray paint for a nice even coat, plus easy application}
1″ painters or masking tape
white craft paint {optional}
butcher’s paper
1.5″ white vinyl lettering {i cut mine with my CAMEO}


1.) Determine which order you’d like your paints.

2.) Apply 3 strips of tape across your canvas. If you’re using a 24×30 canvas like mine, the first tape will be 6.75″ from the top, the second will be 14.5″ from the top, and the third will be 22.25″ from the top.

3.) Make sure you wrap the tape all the way around the sides to the back


4.) Cut a long piece of butcher paper and put tape on the 2 short edges and tape over the tape you applied in
Step 2 so that only one section is showing. Spray paint the section in the chosen color. I did 2-3 coats of paint for even color. Move the tape to the next section as needed so that again, the only canvas exposed is the one you are painting

5.) My tape leaked a little, so I used white craft paint to touch it up with a small brush.

6.) Cut out names for the paint colors in white vinyl. I used Arial font and cut the vinyl with my Silhouette CAMEO.

7.) Apply your vinyl letters to your canvas. NOTE: normally vinyl does not stick well to canvas. canvas material is slick and its hard to get the vinyl to grab it. BUT after a couple coats of spray paint, my vinyl letters transferred like a charm to my canvas!


So there you have my St. Patty’s Day mantel with a Paint Chip Canvas!

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