Shop smarter and better, shop ethically!


One of the things I want to change this year is that I want to start shopping  local and I want to shop ethically! Now, I already try to buy my food, hygiene and beauty products from local organic shops, and I am also able to buy and re-purpose home decor items I find from the local thrift stores. However, what I really struggle to find is ethically made clothing. I have tried looking at thrift stores, and sometimes I do find items, but more often than not I have a very hard time finding my size, and even if I do it isn’t in a style that would work for me. Thankfully, our friends over at rePurpose just posted an “Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide.” The founder Jessica Burt wrote a post that shares some tips and information about how to start shopping ethically! Not only does she share some tips, but she also shares a HUGE list of companies that you can shop from ethically!!!! You can find a link to her post at the bottom of this post. I do have to say that one of the things that I realized is that shopping locally and shopping ethically is a lifestyle change, and some things will be harder to find, and some will be a little bit more expensive… but it is worth it in the end. I just need to plan ahead and budget for these changes. I would rather spend more money and make a difference in the world rather than continuing to shop how I do now. Like with any lifestyle change, I don’t expect everything to change overnight, but now I have more knowledge, and I can work to make changes happen! I am very excited about the lifestyle changes that I will be making this year, and I can wait to share this journey with all of you! Thanks for reading! – Gabi

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