Our first store visit to LUSH!!!!


I am sure that by now many of you know of the company called Lush Cosmetics, if you haven’t than head over to http://www.lushusa.com go read their story and browse all of their amazing products! They have all fresh handmade items that are 100% vegetarian! Their list of products range from bath and shower products as well as hair, face and body product, heck they even have makeup and perfume!

My sister and I have been big fans of their products for a while now, we currently don’t have a store in our area ( but we are suppose to be getting one soon! ) so we have had to buy from online which is totally fine … the only thing that sucked was that we weren’t able to smell the item. However, the website does tell you what the products are made out of and they give a good description of what it smells like! One of the other things that I LOVE on the website is that they even have a “How to Use” description for each item on their website!! I have yet to be disappointed from any of my online purchases from this company!

Online ordering from this company is fun and easy but I have to tell you, if you are able to somehow make it to a Lush Store … you should definitely make the drive! Recently my sister and I went home for a wedding and on the way there we stopped and visited a LUSH store. Now, I suffer from severe social anxiety so when I go to places I tend to already have a game plan of what I want to do, that way I can avoid any kind of human interaction. However, when I went into LUSH I was so freakin’ excited to be there, I was so excited to talk to the saleswoman and have her talk to me about all the different products they have! I was like a kid in toy store, I wanted to play with everything! The store smelled amazing heck my boyfriend came in the store with us and he wasn’t even bothered by the smell, he actually liked it! ( BTW LUSH does have some products for men!)

I have to say it was hard not to buy everything in the store, I wanted one of everything! In the end I was able to narrow it down to just two items, I ended up getting the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar this item smells amazing! It reminds me of a hippie sitting in a field of flowers (thats kind of a weird description but that is how I would describe it!) and I also got The GUV’NER deodorant powder! I am crazy in love with this deodorant powder, I have been looking for an organic deodorant that does a good job and doesn’t quit working half way through the day! I am very happy about the products I bought and I am excited to try out a ton of their other products as well!

Have you been to LUSH or have you bought from their website? Tell us about your experience in a comment below or email us at travel.and.treats.blog@gmail.com

  • xoxo -Gabi

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