Gabi’s Favorite Indie Films on Netflix! Part 1

I Love Movies and Television!!!!! Some people will say ” Now Gabi, it is unhealthy for you to watch that much T.V.” Or they will say “Gabi it is impossible for you to love something that can not love you back!” To those people I say this, yes you are correct … but I do not care! I have been wanting to write about Television and Movies on the blog for quite some time now, but I have a very interesting taste and there are those who do not like what I like … so I thought maybe I should hold off with sharing my recommendations ,but recently people have been loving my recommendations so I figured I would take to the blog and share some of my favorite movies with all of you! Now since there are so many movies out there that I would love to write about, I had to limit myself ( which was kind of hard to do!). So for my first post about movies I have decided to share with you guys three of my favorite indie films on Netflix, stay tuned because I will share three more with you guys later in the week!

1.) Cake | R | 2014 |1h 42m

Movie Summary: After having visions of a member of her support group who killed herself, a women ( Jennifer Aniston) who also suffers with chronic pain seeks out the widower ( Sam Worthington) of the Suicide

  • This summary does not even being to scratch the surface of what this movie is about and the movie trailers don’t give you a ton of info either, which is kind of awesome because you really have no idea what is going on and you need to pay attention!

My Thoughts: I put off watching this movie for a whole year, mainly because it stars Jennifer Aniston. Now I think Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman and I even like a bit of her work, but for the most part; the films she works on are not really ones I enjoy watching but I had heard some great reviews about the film … so I broke down and watched it AND BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!!!! This movie truly shocked me! I did not expect it to be so good!!! I highly recommend this film!


2.) Take Care |2014 | 1h 33m

Movie Summary: A woman is forced to turn to a unlikely source for help after her friends refuse to help her recover from being hit by a car.

My Thoughts: I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this film, it looked cute and it  definitely  looked like more of a girly movie which is typically what I go for … so I just watched it and ended up loving it! I called up my two sisters in Houston and told them to watch it , which they did and then they told me how much they loved it! I found the film funny and a relatable with a great cast! This movie is perfect for a girls night in or for if you just want to watch a movie and eat some ice cream!


3.) Ask Me Anything |2014 | 1h 40m

Movie Summary: A young woman ( Britt Robertson ) chronicles her sexual adventures in an anonymous blog that exposes her innermost desires, shames and secrets!

My Thoughts: THIS MOVIE! Uggggghhhh! This movie is pretty darn good. I watched it with my sister and we loved it so much we turned around and watched it again that night! I love Britt Robertson, I don’t know how to put other than the fact that no matter what she does I always find that I am able to relate with the character she plays! The movie summary makes this movie sound like it is some kind of 50 shades of Grey movie and I want to make clear that it is not anything like that! I can’t really say too much about this movie because I am afraid that I will give too much away and I definitely do not want to do that! I do have to warn you that it does move a bit slow in some parts but at the same time it still is able to keep your attention! Again I would recommend this film for a girls night in or for a night by yourself!

There you have it! Here are three indie films on Netflix that I really enjoyed and I think you guys will to! If you guys have watched these movies before and want to talk about them, or maybe this is your first time watching them and want to share your thoughts, just leave a comment below or email us at I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about these films! – Gabi

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