What Does 2016 Hold for Travel and Treats?

Well we have officially made it into the year 2016! I remember as a kid I thought I would be dead before I made it to thirty, the year 2016 sounded like it was a whole other lifetime away and I guess in a way it kind of is… depending on how you look at it. Annnyways…. So like I was saying, we have officially made it to the year 2016, what does that mean for Travel and Treats? Welp, first off we are going to be changing up our drink of the month post, the drink of the month post will now include 2 drinks!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! We will continue to have our adult mixed drinks, but now we will also be posting a new smoothie drink each month! It is a healthy option that people of all ages can enjoy!!! Yayyyyy! We will also have music and movie posts!!!! We have been wanting to write about music and movies for quite a while now but we just never found the right time to fit these topics in, a new year seemed like the perfect time to add these guys in! Not only will we be talking about the music but we plan to actually interview the musicians! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?!?! We will be posting more D.I.Y posts as well! We started off this lifestyle blog with a lot of D.I.Y posts and over time we have done less and less, that is something that we would like to get back to doing! We are also doing a book club! Every other month we will be picking a new book to read, we will be starting the book club in February so get ready! The first book we will be reading is FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell! These are some exciting new changes and we can’t wait to have you be apart of these changes with us! 2016 is going to be a awesome year! – Gabi

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