Gabi’s Picks for Culture Flock Clothing

I have followed this company since the day they launched their website! I was probably one of the first few to order the original Culture Flock Tank Top. Their clothing is super cute and Unique, plus it’s so comfy and the quality of the clothing is fantastic! It has been such a joy to watch this company grow! I love how their list of products has expanded greatly, it’s hard not to order everything on the site! There are some great items on here that would work for great Christmas gifts, I highly recommend checking out this site! Here are a few of my favorite items:

1.) Phone Home Baseball Tee. ( I have loved E.T. ever since I was a little girl, I definitely plan on ordering this!

2.) Introvert Lapel Pin ( this is basically me in the form of a lapel pin! Lol )

3.) Girls like comics too Tee. ( how adorable is this T-Shirt????)

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