Gabi’s Picks for Arrow + Sage

There isn’t a product on this site that I don’t like!  I am ready to order one of everything! I love that no two items are the same because ceramics from Arrow + Sage are handbuilt, achieving forms that are more organic in shape than those thrown on a potter’s wheel.  Each piece is created by hand, utilizing high quality clays and glazes.  One of the many  reasons why I like Arrow + Sage’s product,  is because the colors used are very unisex meaning that many of the items on this site can be bought for both male and female, heck there are even dog dishes on the site!  Here are a few of my favorite things from Arrow+ Sage’s shop:

1.) Coral, Tan and White Ceramic Dog Bowl
2.) Verge Tumbler
3.) Wanderlust Mug no. 2 in Black

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