About Tiny Treeline Jewelry

Connection through Handmade:

I started out drawing elaborate water parks on my neighborhood sidewalks, creating fashionable ladies in my coloring books, and belting out Mariah Carey songs on the tops of my canopy bed frame. I never lost the love of drawing, though sharing my art was not something I pursued. After graduating college with a B.S. in Psychology, I found my way to a Masters program in Art Therapy. I studied the many ways in which art can heal others, and treated patients of all ages and diagnoses. I marveled at the creative process, always in awe of the ways in which we humans can express ourselves.
I became a mother, married, moved our little family to California. I chose to make handmade gemstone bracelets for my friends as gifts in the Winter of 2012. My husband encouraged me to make more. He lovingly shoved me in the Etsy community by opening up my shop, shooting a necklace I made, and entitling it “Crystal Necklace” (it was moonstone). I have dedicated myself to learning more about jewelry making every day, to putting myself out there in ways I could have never imagined!
I love making each piece. I love that I send out bits and pieces of myself, and my life, to each person who honors me with a purchase. This, to me, is the beauty of the Etsy handmade community: we are connecting our lives with each labor of love.

About the maker :

Megan Fradley-Smith
Owner, Creator, Designer
I was born and raised in the balmy beaches of South Florida, and have always been a dreamer. I have had a pencil and creation in my mind for as long as I can remember. I am a trained clinical art therapist, a mother, a partner, and a maker.

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