“Let’s Get Intimate!” Bras 102 With Vicky Ward

Bras 102

Today, we’re talking about health and how to take care of your bras!

As I mentioned in Bras 101, wearing the best bra for you helps keep you healthy. If your bra is fitted right, you can prevent back pain, hunchbacks, and a whole slew of other issues. Here are some of those issues:
· — Gravity! Your breasts has no muscle – when gravity works against your breasts, it also can stretch your throat and face tissue.
· — Without proper support, cellular health can take a hit as your lymphatic drainage can be delayed which is a fancy way of saying your body may not be circulating fluid and other substances to the lymph nodes at the best of its ability. This is how your infection-fighting cells flush them out of your body; your system may not drain properly because your lymph vessels can become impaired.
· — Wearing a bra that’s too restricting is not healthy as proper blood flow gets blocked.
· — The Nutritional Research Foundation states: “The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head and headaches may occur. The effects of weight and gravity will also affect posture. The dolinger area of the back, just below the neck base, is now being put under undue stress.”
· — Breast disease is more likely when there is no circulation and lymphatic drainage.
· — If your bra hooks dig into your skin – this can cause lesions or lumps which are lymphomas.

Now that we’ve talked about how your health can be affected by your bra choice, let’s look at how to take care of the fabulous, great fitting bra you now own, or will soon own.

1) Never wear the same bra two days in a row!!
Instead: Alternate between at least three bras.
Why? Each time you wear your bra, it will stretch. If you wear the same bra two days in a row you’re working it too hard and it won’t last as long. By alternating, you’re having less wear, allowing your bra to “settle” back into place before the next wear.

2) Never sleep in your bra!!
Instead: Sleep bra-less
Why? This is super important for the health of your breasts. Give your girls a chance to breathe. Health benefits. It’s also healthy for your bra. It’s less time your $60 bra spends being stretched and pulled.

3) Don’t get in the habit of wearing your bra with the straps buckled on the first or last set of hooks.
Instead: Aim to buckle on the center hooks.
Why? It give a little leeway for days when it’s colder or hotter, if your bloated, if you’ve lost a couple pounds or gained a couple pounds. In addition, it prevents over stretching your bra.

4) Never put your bras through the washer machine, even if there is a hand wash cycle option.
Instead: Run some warm water in your bathroom sink with a little bit of Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo. Be sure to rub gently with your fingers the areas that get the most pressure like under the arms and the bottom part of the cups.
Why? If you throw that beautiful, new, expensive bra in the washer, you’ve cut its shelf life in more than half. You’re also running the risk of immediately deforming your bra. Even on a hand wash cycle option. You’ve invested too much to risk so much.

5) Never put your bras in the dryer and don’t hang them to dry!
Instead: Once you take your bra out of the water, DO NOT RING the excess water out. Push the water out of the cup by starting on one side and moving the water out of the other side, repeat as much as necessary. Then lay it down flat on a towel, cups facing up.
Why? If you ring the extra water out of your bra you’ll deform your cups. By laying the bra flat you’re balancing and equalizing the drying process throughout your whole bra. It’s similar to putting a pillow through the washer and dryer and your left with one lumpy, uncomfortable, ruined pillow.

Next week: Bras 103 – we’ll break down the style!

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