Visiting Virginia Beach! / By Robyn

Every summer since we have had kids, we have gone to Virginia Beach. I love
feeling the sand in my toes and seeing blue as far as the eye can see. It is such a
family friendly beach. We look forward to it every year!

What You Need to Know:

There is a ton of parking, but it is cheaper to pay the meter than the flat
rate that most of the lots charge.

The best area of the beach is as far south as you can go! There, they have a
nice dock, shaded playground, wash-off area, bathrooms, and much more.

There are porta-potties on the beach, but we go before we get settled.

Things To Do:


Sail boating

Jet Skiing


Bike rentals

Boat Tours

Our family loves setting up camp for the day on that far south side. We usually
pack a lunch and some snacks to eat right there on our little sandy piece of
paradise.Our kids love playing in the sand, jumping in the waves, and of course
walking the beach and collecting sea shells. In all of our years we have never had
a shark or jellyfish issue either, so that’s certainly a plus! There are, however,
lots of shells, tiny crabs and small fish to see up close. All of that makes this a
great beach for the little ones.
As I said before, we usually pack for the day, except dinner. But the shops on the boardwalk have you covered if you forgot any of your essentials. Most sell the same things like souvenir items, sunscreen, swimsuits, boogie boards and salt-water taffy. It’s fun to browse the boardwalk and get an ice cream cone along the way! There are plenty of great restaurants to eat at, local and chain, to satisfy all of your cravings. A few of our favorites include: Blue Seafood & Spirits, Doc
Taylor’s, and Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream.

Check out for all the information you need on
visiting the beach!


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