The Truth About Traveling – Vicky Ward

It’s possible.

So many of us have the desire to travel and think “I wish.” We struggle with the mentality that it’s not something we can do, whether it’s because of financial reasons, time restraints, lack of courage, etc. “Someday” is a word I hear people say so often, and I’ve spent most of my life saying it myself. But the reality is: It’s possible.

I’ve had many conversations with individuals who want to visit or even move here or there and never do because of the fore mentioned reasons.

Here’s the key: understand that it is not beyond you. Change the mentality. You can do it. You don’t need to wait until you’re rich or married or retired. Once the decision is made to “go” the rest of it will come.

My travel days started in America and this is a great place to start. America has so much to offer and we tend to miss out on the adventures in our own back yard. It’s also an affordable way to begin, while giving you experience, which in turn changes the old mentality into this new “it’s totally possible” mentality.

Despite the fact that I’ve moved across the country four times, I never used to take the opportunity to go on journeys in the states I’ve lived and everywhere in between. Then taking day trips to NYC, Washington DC, and Baltimore was just the start I needed.

Exploring this great land built my confidence in being an adventurous solo traveller. And now I’m planning my first trip to Europe this summer. I’m dubbing this trip my “Exploration Holiday” because I’m going for the sake of going. I’m going to explore Iceland, Holland, Belgium, and France. This holiday is also being crammed into just 10 days so it’ll be a whirlwind of excitement. I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you from the planning stage to the post-trip processing stage. I hope that it’ll inspire you to experience the adventure that you desire.

You can follow me throughout this process here at Travel And Treats blog, also on Instagram using #ExplorationHoliday and #EuropeanAdventure.

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