The Beauty of the City by Vicky Ward

Washington DC is one of my favorite cities. It in so many ways is the heartbeat of America. There’s amazing culture in its creativity and diversity.

This city is one you can go to for a day with no plan and have an adventure that you won’t forget. It caters itself to your personality. The metro system is the easiest I’ve ever experienced and the cleanest!!

The monuments are one of the most toured, seen each year with more than 800,000 visitors. And rightfully so, they are beautiful and inspiring. If crowds aren’t your thing, consider what they call “night monumenting” which is exactly what you think it is: visit the monuments as the sun sets and into the night. It’s absolutely beautiful! When it’s just you and Abe Lincoln, the sense of awe is a bit magnified. I highly recommend checking out the monuments.

Washington DC is also the home of lots of fantastic museums. If it’s part of the Smithsonian Institute (including the Zoo), there’s FREE admission!! Check out this complete list of all 19 Smithsonian museums.

DuPont Circle. Hands down, my absolute favorite spot in DC. This place has captured me in a way I can’t fully explain. In the center of this neighborhood is a small circular park with a fountain in the middle. The first time I went to DuPont Circle I was in love. I sat on a bench and simply watched. There was a man playing Jimi Hendrix on his guitar, a Latin dance class, a woman set up with an easel painting something beautiful, a game of fetch between a man and his boy, several dogs being walked, and people with places to go and people to see. It was a beautiful moment, one that’s been repeated in different ways each time I go there.

Head there on a Saturday night and catch a superb brass band play. The last time I was there at the same time as the band I ended up swing dancing with a stranger. My girlfriends and I danced, clapped, and sang along to the timeless “Shout”. We danced with a 70 year old lady and her a group of strangers doing the electric slide. “Fun” doesn’t begin to describe DuPont Circle.

Some other great spots to explore are Georgetown and Adams Morgan. Head to Adams Morgan and stop at Open City for a bite to eat morning or night and you’ll appreciate yourself for making that decision.

Also make a pit stop at Ben’s Chili Bowl and Shake Shack!! Some of the best food in DC.

Needless to say, DC is amazing and definitely worth a trip, even if for just a day.

Great food. Great people. Great adventure.

– Vicky

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