Planning a Budget with Robyn!

Planning a budget can be so stressful and time consuming. Yet, we all know how
necessary this process is! Budgeting plays a critical role in your finances, whether
it’s saving for college funds, that big trip you have planned, or just to stay on top
of your bills. I have complied a few of my own tips and tricks for making the most
of your budget planning sessions.

How to Make a Budget

There are so many free tools out there for budgets. You just have to find
one that fits your needs. Here are a few of my favorites:

Plan the time you want to do it and stick to it! Go for coffee or dessert, do something to entice yourself to sit and go through this process.

Do this once a month, no excuses!

Set goals for yourself. Pay off debt or save a specific amount each month.

Use a program like Excel or an app like Mint, that tracks your spending so
you can see exactly where your money is going.

Follow through, go back and check your last month’s spending as you plan
for the new month. This will keep you motivated!

How to Stay on a Budget

Coupon and join loyalty programs- these are free, simple things that can
make a big difference over time.

Meal plan. Making my list of meals for the week and going to the store
only once a week, getting ONLY the items on the list, saves me from

Eat one meatless meal per week.

Consider Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix instead of cable.

Find a friend or online community to go to for good advice and deals.

Follow a couponing or frugal blogger; this is a huge help for me! One of my
favorites is

Buy in bulk what you can.

Take a look at your bills. Can you save on a bundle or cut back on

Shop at consignment sales and stores.

You Tube or Google your problem before calling in an expert. It may be an
easy fix that you can do yourself and save $$!

Continue to do your research! Reevaluate where you can cut back and you
may be surprised at how the little tings add up in the end! Happy Budgeting!

On another note, this is my last post for Travel and Treats. It has truly been a
pleasure to be a part of this great site. I have enjoyed blogging for all of you
readers out there and hope to stay connected. Please visit me over at

Enjoy the rest of your summer,


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