My thoughts on The No Poo Method! / By Gabi

In the past two years the ACV Hair Rinse and The No Poo Method have become a large topic of conversation when it comes to hair care! A lot of people have turned to it to help their hair grow longer faster! There have been a wide range of different outcomes when using these methods, so I decided to give it a try myself! Before I started I read up on different recipes and took the time to talk to my hairdresser, my hairdresser informed me that she was unaware of any permanent hair damage with anyone that tried this for a short while and recommend that I give this a try but that I should not continue these methods long term! She informed me that these methods will react different for each person so not everyone will get the same results! So before I jump to my end results, let me tell you a little bit about my hair!

Gabi’s Hair 411:
my natural hair is a fine auburn.
I have been dying my hair different shades of red and black since I was 16! ( that means I have been dying my hair for almost 13 years!)
I do suffer from a dry sensitive scalp! ( I was excited about the ACV rinse cause I heard it helps a lot with dry scalps!)
I do conditioning treatments at least once a month! ( I highly recommend that everyone does this!)
I use all natural hair products in my hair! ( I highly recommend doing this too!)

After talking to my hairdresser, I took to Pinterest and looked for a ACV Rinse and No Poo Method that I thought would work best for me!

This is what I found for The NO Poo Method!
For the Baking Soda Cleansing ( This will replace your shampoo)
Boil 1 quart of water
Then add 1/4c of baking soda!
Pour this mixture in a bottle and then shake until dissolved!
For the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse ( This will replace your conditioner! )
Add 3/4c water
1/4c Apple Cider Vinegar
1t. organic raw honey ( you don’t have to do this, I only did it cause I FREAKIN’ LOVE RAW HONEY! It does wonders for your hair and skin! )
2 drops of peppermint oil
8 drops of tea tree oil ( I LOVE TEA TREE OIL!)
Pour this mixture in a bottle and shake well! ( I got a warm dish of water and set my bottle in there and then gave it a good shake! The honey and oils blended better together when it was warm!)

How to Use!
Get your booty in the shower and let’s make some magic happen!
Make sure you have both of your bottles with you and make sure they are warm but cool enough to use on your scalp!
Apply the Baking Soda wash liberally to hair and scalp, massage well into scalp and hair then rinse well!
Then take your ACV Rinse! Squirt it all over your scalp and hair! Let it sit for a few minutes and let the tingle take over ( You are pry wondering what I am talking about… give it a minute … you will know when you feel it .. it feels great! )

My Review!
I guess I thought this was going to make my hair feel like soft fairy wings right away … it wasn’t until I let my hair air-dry and straightened it when I felt the difference that everyone was talking about! I loved it! I was able to do about 5 days before my hair got to oily and I did the wash again. I did read that the trick to making this wash work, is to try and go as long as you can before you wash it again! The longest I was able to get before washing again was 7 days! I loved how this wash was REALLY HELPING me with my dry scalp!!!! NOTHING ELSE HELPED LIKE THIS!!!!! BUT! I did start to notice that this process was starting to really dry the ends of my hair! I read up on some tips and tricks to try and help out my dry ends but nothing really helped! Sooooooooooooooooooo I stopped using The No Poo Method.
Instead what I do is this:
I wash with all organic shampoos and conditioners. I use MillCreek Botanicals ( ) I love all of their products, and the biotin shampoo and conditioner really helps my hair grow!!!!! I do use the ACV Rinse every now and then because it helped so much with my dry scalp!
Over all, knowing that everyone’s hair is different … I do recommend trying The No Poo Method, but I do think you should talk with your hairdresser first and you should stop using this method if you notice any damage!
If you have tried The NO POO Method and want to talk to us about it, or if you have any other kind of hair questions or tips, you guys can email us at
Thanks for reading!
Stay Golden! xoxo- Gabi

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