Mani/Pedi Tips & Tricks With Robyn

Mani/Pedi Tips & Tricks

Who does not love a good mani/pedi? I know I do, but the cost of

getting one done at the salon can add up fast. Check out my simple

DIY tips and get summer-ready nails right at home!

What You Need

* Non-acetone nail polish remover and Q-Tips

* Nail file

* Nail clippers

* Buffing block

* Sugar scrub to exfoliate

* Bowl or Sink


* Moisturizer

*Nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat), nail decals, etc.

How To

* First, soak your hands/feet in a bowl or sink. Feel free to add

essential oils if desired. I like to add any citrus or flowery kind.

Then apply your favorite sugar scrub to remove dead skin and

exfoliate. Do not forget to rinse!

* Dry your hands/feet and apply your favorite lotion. I love to use

Burt’s Bees and EOS products. Be generous and take your

time–enjoy it!

* File and shape! If your nails need a trim, snip them straight

across (don’t shape) with nail clippers. File nails into box shape

with rounded edges. A square shape with rounded edges is

practical, classic, and won’t catch or tear as easily as oval-

shaped nails. Always file your nails in the same direction; filing

back and forth will cause splits. Buff and shine your nails. A

double-sided emery board can perform a multitude of tasks,

from filing to shaping and buffing.

* Time to paint. Now depending on the polish you have chosen,

this step will differ. If you have chosen a regular nail polish,

start with a base coat, followed by a second coat, and finish with

a protective top coat. Use Q-tips and nail polish remover to

remove excess polish.

* Other fun things I love to do with my nails are the Jamberry

Nail wraps. They are so cute and easy to apply–no polish

needed! I also love the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! Miracle Gel

Color gives you 14 days of supreme gel shine and durability

without led or UV light. Get creative and have fun with it!

* Sit back, relax and let your nails dry completely! Do not put the

time and effort in just to rush the ending.

I would love to see how you do your nails! Tweet me your

mani/pedi pics @MomsMagnificent! For more Tales, Tips, &

Tricks of the Trade, check out my blog at

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