How to make a Lemon Berry Mixer!!!

The summer months are upon us and one thing that we love to do during the summer months is responsibly enjoying a nice adult beverage with friends! We are really excited to announce that this summer we are doing a “Drink of the Month” post, the drink for the month of May is a Lemon Berry Mixer! It is extremely delicious and refreshing! Since we enjoy this drink so much, we have a feeling you will too so the directions listed below are for a serving size of 4 or 6 depending on the glass size.

* 1 bottle of Wine

* 1 container of Lemonade

* ½ liter of Sprite

Mix and then top off with berries of your choosing * blue berries, black berries and Strawberries work best, it is also best to freeze the fruit ahead of time so the fruit helps keep the punch cold!

We hope you enjoy this drink as much as we do! Make sure you let us know what you think of the drink!

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