Gabi’s Top Summer Look!

The one thing I love about summer is the warm weather, I love being able to wear all sorts of fun summer dresses! The look I chose to pick for this post is a casual look that also let’s me show my classy rocker style!

I went with a fun simple woven a-line black dress that you can wear for a number of different things this Summer, for example : a girls night out, work, date night, church events, cookouts and much much more! For shoes I picked a nice low top All-star washed canvas Chuck Taylor shoe! I have love wearing chucks ever since my mom let me start dressing myself, hahaha! Now, I am not one who usually wears jewelry ,but when I saw this bracelet on Etsy I feel in love and I knew it would go perfect with this outfit! It is made by Tinytreeline, it is a minimalist gemstone gold bracelet, it has citrine and howelite beads on a 14k gold chain! I love this outfit and it is one that I don’t think would ever go out of style for me!
Below I have listed where you can get these items and their price.

Dress-, Woven A Line Dress, Mossimo Supply Co., $29.99

Shoes- Low Top Canvas, Chuck Taylor All-star Wash, Turtledove – $60.00

Bracelet- Tinytreeline, Minimalist Gemstone Gold Bracelet – $30.00
Now that you know what my favorite summer outfit is let me know what your favorite summer outfit is! – Gabi

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