Fourth of July fun and Treats with Robyn!!!!!!

Summer time is here, school is out, and let’s face it – you already need a break from the heat.One of my favorite ways to pass the time indoors during the summer is making crafts! I have rounded up a couple of my favorites for July 4th!

*Popsicle Stick Flags~ You will need red and blue paint or markers, white stars, and 7 Popsicle sticks. Paint or color the Popsicle sticks. Alternate the red and white sticks and paint the top half of the last 3 blue. Seal with hot glue. Add the white stars over the blue area to complete the flag. You can use confetti from the store. They usually have color star shapes, cut out tiny stars, or even draw them on! Have fun with it!

*Firework Art~ Take a dot of red, white and blue paint and spread them out on a
piece of white paper. Then have your child gently blow through the straw on each color to create a patriotic firework display of art!

My Kids also love helping me make fun themed holiday snacks. Here are a couple of our July 4th favorites!

*Patriotic Fruit Kabobs~ These are so simple yet fun to make with the kids. You will need strawberries or raspberries, blueberries, marshmallows, and skewers. The kids can assemble these however they like and eat as is! We usually do it to resemble the flag as pictured

*Patriotic Pretzels~ You will need pretzel sticks, and colored chocolate melts. Dip the pretzels about ¾ of the way in one color and drizzle with another. Add sprinkles or M&M’s to create the look you want. Using any variation of red, white, and blue will look fun and celebratory!

Written by: Robyn from

Happy 4th of July!Looking for more family-friendly crafts and recipes? Follow me on Pinterest, too, at

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