“Dear Mom” An open letter to mothers, written by Vicky Ward

Travel and Treats would be remiss if today we didn’t mention one of our biggest inspirations: our Moms.

From dirty diapers to potty training and from high school crushes to serious relationship advice, our moms have been there.

They support us in our dreams and goals, even if we move to another ocean. As long as we keep our heads on straight, our moms encourage us, edify us, exult us. Hell, they do that even if we do lose our heads, just with a little tough love added in. It’s because of their unconditional love and support that we are who we are today, doing the things we’re doing. They’ve made our lives possible and not just in the conceiving and birthing parts. We travel, create, write, explore, make mistakes and dream big; we laugh, cry, and love due to their laughing, crying, and love.

And it is not without cost on their end. They’ve made many a sacrifice: losing their stellar racks, losing their time with friends, and losing their hundred dollar bills, among countless other, no less significant losses.

Our moms treat us like unicorns when we act like asses. When we’re our bitchiest selves, we’re not only tolerated, we’re still loved. It amazes me, how moms can be super women.

I’m so honored to call my mom by best friend. And I know, if one day, I’m half the mom she is, I’ll be doing a bang up job.

So, here’s to you Moms! Thank you for your unconditional love and your tough love. Thank you for the middle of the night feedings, the countless loads of laundry, the financial donations, and the never ending listening to our whines and complains. Thank you for faithful advice, the gentle pick-me-ups, the Taxi service, and the financial provision. Thank you for the tears shed on our behalf, the prayers said for us, the laughs shared with us, the encouragement given to us, and the encouragement you’ve allowed us to give to you. Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being awesome, after all, we turned out pretty great. 🙂

Personal shout out to Carolyn Blount, Gabi’s mom, and Amy Ward, Vicky’s mom. We love you!!!

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