Pour on the Fun with Gabi!!!!!

I have always loved themed parties, I think themed parties add a little bit of extra fun to each party, plus I love making themed food and drinks! In the next few posts we have listed some great foods and crafts that will be great for any fourth of July cookout!

A Fourth of July themed Drink!

This drink is a fun and easy item to make for any kind of event,you can layer your drinks in any way you like.. the secret is to layer the different drink ingredients by sugar content, the other key thing to remember is to add plenty of ice! Once you have added your bottom layer, fill the glass to the top with ice and pour the second layer slowly and directly on top of the ice!

1 cup of Red CranApple juice
1 cup of White Sobe Pina Colada flavored drink
1 cup of Blue G2 Gatorade
and last but not least, Ice!!!

Fill your glass 1/3 of the way with CranApple juice .
Fill your cup with ice.
Slowly pour the remaining drinks directly on top of the ice!
( it is very important that you do the last steps very slowly!)

I love this drink and I think it is a great sweet treat for kids to enjoy, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
– Gabi

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