Hi! I’m Robyn, and I have the privilege of being a guest blogger here at Travel

and Treats! I am a stay at home mom of three and live in Northern Virginia with

my husband and kids. My passions are moms, parenting, “being in the know,”

and sharing my Tales, Tips, & Tricks of the Trade on my blog:

www.momthemagnificent.com. I love networking, encouraging, inspiring, and

just laughing with other women who can relate. I am excited to share the summer

with Travel and Treats and of course, all of you readers!

With summer right around the corner and a high of 89 degrees in NOVA this

week, I thought sunscreen would be a great way to kick off my residency! I have

included my top 3 sunscreens that work best for my family and that I highly

recommend. I have one child that easily burns, two who never do, and three who

hate applying it! So I base my decision on which lasts the longest, is easiest to

apply, and of course the SPF.
California Baby No Fragrance

* SPF 30+

* Very gentle on skin

* Web MD’s Expert’s Choice Award

*No fragrance, non-chemical sunscreen, PABA Free

*Creamy, easily rubs on, goes a long way

* Scatters & reflects UV rays

* Contains organic & sustainably grown ingredients

* Non-whitening, non-penetrating titanium dioxide

Coppertone Water Babies Foaming Lotion

* SPF 75+

* #1 Pediatrician Recommended

* Water resistant up to 80 Minutes

* Very easy to apply

* Gentle, non-irritating formula

* Hypoallergenic

* Great for sensitive skin

Banana Boat Kids Continuous Spray

* SPF 50+

* Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes

* Fast application

* Tear-free and alcohol-free; won’t sting eyes

* Twist ‘n Lock Spray – no cap!

* Hypoallergenic formula

* Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Based on the above criteria, these are my family’s go-to and we keep all three on

hand in our pool bag/car all summer long! In addition to the sprays and rub on

lotions, I do recommend a stick version for kids. All of these brands make one

and it is so easy to get the tricky spots (especially the face)! I recommend trying a

few brands to find what best suits you and your family’s needs. All three brands

are available at Target. Whatever you do, wear it and re-apply it all through the

summer. Protect that magnificent skin! I would love to know what your go-to

sunscreen is!

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