Fashion With A Purpose!!!

What is rePURPOSE?

*rePURPOSE is a business that makes accessories out of used items, and donates 100% of the profits towards the fight against human trafficking and other forms of oppression.

What kind of products does rePURPOSE offer?

*We sell headbands, head wraps, scarves, necklaces, beanies and bracelets. We are in the beginning stages of developing an awareness t-shirt line in a few months!

Where does the material for the products come from?

*I would say 95% of our materials are from used items – such as t-shirts, dresses, fabrics and linens. We do this because we believe how we spend our money is just as important as the causes we support. Most of the items we shop for here in America are made in countries with terrible labor laws (specifically China). We don’t feel right donating money to stop oppression, only to put our money back into slave labor and continuing the vicious cycle. We are conscious with our spending, so we choose to buy used from local thrift stores. This way, our money is going back into the local missions that support the community. If we do have to purchase new materials, we make sure they are made ethically in America or another country with fair labor laws.

Do you have products for every age group and sex?

*Our main focus is adult women, but we do offer some items for young girls and babies. We currently don’t offer any items for men.

Where does the money from the sales go?

*We have two main organizations that we donate to, which are The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners. The Exodus Road is a group of investigators who fight against underage sex trafficking in Southeast Asia, India and the US. Our money helps to sponsor these investigators and pay for their equipment. Make Way Partners is an amazing organization in Sudan whose primary focus is to prevent human trafficking and modern day oppression. They do this in numerous ways, and one of our favorites is how they take care of the unadoptable orphans. We have also donated to local needs, and a few other organizations. Our hope as rePURPOSE grows, is that we can make an extreme impact on these organizations and more.

Besides working with different organizations, rePURPOSE is also known for giving back to the community, can you tell us about that?

*As I mentioned before, we purchase our supplies and support local thrift stores, such as the Watertown Urban Mission. They are a great organization that supports people in need, provides meals, and more. We also partnered with New Life Christian Church and held a large giveaway before Christmas last year. We help with benefits when we can, and will donate our profits from that event to the specific cause. We also try to provide random acts of kindness, from helping someone buy a car to putting a down payment on rent for a woman who was homeless.We really want every aspect of rePURPOSE to help somebody in need, so we don’t have a set of rules or guidelines on how we donate. When we hear of a need, local or international, if we have the money, then we donate it!

We saw that rePURPOSE just turned one!!! Congratulations! You have all made such great strides within just one year! What are some of your future plans for the company?

*Thanks! It was an exciting year and I can’t believe how much it has already grown. We hope that rePURPOSE grows so much that we can employ more women and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to people in need. Another dream of mine is to turn rePURPOSE into a fair trade business. I would love to create jobs for women in third world countries!

We are very excited for what the future has for all of you at rePURPOSE! We love What this company does and we absolutely love all of your products, can you tell our readers where they can find them?

<*Absolutely! You can shop online at “”>! You can also follow us on instagram (which we use way more than facebook) @re_purpose. You can also like us on facebook at If you don’t see a color you want on our site, you can even e-mail us and we will see what we can do to get it for you!

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