Would you eat your face scrub?



I have been making my own face scrubs for about a year now, I have had a lot of fun making them and they work so much better than anything I have been able to buy in the stores! When I first started making my face scrubs I didn’t really know what I could or should put in them,so I googled different face scrub mixes. I did come across a website called http://www.grassfedgirl.com she shared how to make a face scrub and she said something that I found extremely helpful! She wrote  “It is important to only put on your skin something you would eat, because it goes right into your bloodstream!” It really got me thinking,Would I feel comfortable eating the face scrubs that I currently use? HECK NO!!!!! So I continued reading about different oils and herbs that are really healthy for your skin. I even went to different organic health stores and talked to them about some different ingredients. Once I started mixing, I couldn’t stop! I started making all kinds of different face scrubs for my friends, I loved sharing the face scrubs with them! It was such an amazing feeling to hear them say “OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU MADE THIS?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE ONE!So I got to thinking why not? Above are the ingredients to my favorite face scrub, I call it A beautiful wake-up call. I hope you guys really enjoy it! I hope this also encourages you all to be more aware about some of the beauty products you guys use! Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful! – Gabi

p.s. – Because there is coconut oil and sugar in the mix, the two tend to separate. I always let my jar sit in hot water before using it, once the scrub is heated it all blends together nicely plus when you put the warm scrub on your face IT FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I tend to put the scrub on before I get in the shower, then, once I am in I rinse it off! I hope you guys find these little tips helpful!

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