Stephanie’s Tips for a Flawless Face 

Tips for a Flawless Face
If you want beautiful skin, then skin care routine and choice of make-up are two of the most important things to attend to.Yet, you may have questions like: What products should I use?Why should I use that product and what does it do?

First, you need to determine what skin TYPE you are. How does your face feel at the end of the day? Does it feel dry? oily? or both? Most people are oiliest in their T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin). Whatever skin type you are, you should always have a good skin care regimen that you follow day and night.

A word of advice when cleansing your skin:If you are starting with make up on,make sure you use a product specifically designed to remove make-up. Choosing to use your cleanser without removing the makeup first may cause your cleanser not work as effectively as it could, i.e. some oil and dirt may be left behind in your pores.You would be basically moving the make-up around and only removing some of it. You would not get a good, deep clean.

Here are some basic, quick, and easy routines to follow:1.) Cleanse your skin. Oily skin types want to use a foaming or gel cleanser.These types of cleanser help remove excess oils best because they are a detergent. If you have drier skin, you’ll want to use a lotion or milk cleanser as they contain a moisturizing agent. 2.) Exfoliate. To exfoliate means to remove the excess dead skin cells from your face. You can get an exfoliating product; but, personally, I use coffee grounds. I mix a little with my cleanser and then use circular motions on my face while cleansing. You should exfoliate only two to three times per week. You will definitely notice a difference in your skin. Trust me! Also, your make-up will go on smoother and your skin will glow and feel so softer.3. Toner. I use witch hazel. It helps get rid of any dirt, oil and makeup left on my face. 4.Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is SUCH an important step. Think you don’t need a moisturizer because you have oily skin? Wrong! Everyone needs a moisturizer. Your skin uses oil as a protective barrier and built in moisture system. So, if your oily skin is producing too much oil, help it out by using a moisturizer so it produces less oil and balances your skin. If your skin is dry, obviously you’ll want to give it that extra moisture. 5. Masks. These are optional, but very helpful! I use them once a week. There are so many kinds of masks: unclogging, brightening, tightening, oil control, redness reducing. You name it. Clay and mud masks help dry oils and draw out impurities. Brightening masks usually have Vitamin C in them and help brighten skin. (Tip: smoking depletes Vitamin C, giving the skin a dull, gray tint). Aloe helps calm irritated and red skin, whether it be from blemishes or even Rosacea. 6.) Eye cream. Dark circles are frustrating and hard to cover up. Vitamin K helps get rid of them. Puffiness and discoloration is caused by blood pooling under the eyes. Vitamin K helps break that up. Make sure you are using products that are designed for under the eyes. Using your regular facial moisturizer under your eyes is not good. There are fewer pores in the skin around the eyes, so regular moisturizers will not be absorbed very well. The moisturizer will actually sit on top of the skin and possibly make its way into your eye. Try to avoid oil based eye products as they will clog pores easier. Go with water based ones to hydrate.- Stephanie

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