Ready, Set, PACK!!!!

As our road trip date moves closer, we here at Travel and Treats are starting to get ready for our short but long drive to Washington DC.Thanks to NPR Radio,, U.S News Travel and TimeOut we were able to find some really cool apps that would help us have an amazing trip, plus it helped us figure out what our traveling and entertainment expenses would look like!

Below are some of our favorite apps that we think you should check out!


We may be splitting the cost of gas this trip, but we are all excited about a app that could save us even more money on gas!!!!! This app has been called the road warrior! Gasbuddy locates gas stations and provides approximate pricing! We love the sound of that!


We love taking the road less traveled and with this app we have a little bit of help with doing exactly that! This app finds obscure small businesses and attractions that one might miss!


When I ( Gabi ) heard NPR talking about this app, I got really excited and ended up taking the wrong turn! hahaha. This app alerts you to historical sites, architecture, entertainment, ect. The app also will give the place a thumbs up or a thumbs down! It’s the perfect little app to help you plan a field trip!


I ( Gabi) am wicked stoked to check out this app! This app pinpoints the neighborhood hot spots. It is said that the true value of this app comes in finding nearby events! I am hoping we will be able to use this app to find some great concerts while we are away!


Since most of us here at Passports to Pastries have grown up in a area where the weather can change in the blink of an eye, we are pretty excited about this app. This app informs you of the climate in multiple locations, it also features the local time, temperature , humidity and other key bits of information about the weather!

6.)Wi-Fi Finder

As bloggers, we are always on the look out for free wi-fi, this app helps keep us informed of all the locations in our area that has it! It’s pretty awesome!

7.)Museums Mobile

This app has a database of thousands of the worlds biggest museums. Using your GPS Location it will point you in the direction of the museums in your area! ( We are pretty excited to use this app! )

8.)TravelSafe Pro

This app has a list of emergency service numbers for almost every country!It also has embassy details in case your passport goes missing! See Mom, you don’t have to worry about us any more! hahaha

We can’t wait to use these apps on our vacation! We will be sure to let you know what ones we really enjoyed using and what ones we didn’t really use that much! If you have used any of these apps before, let us know what you thought of them! You can email us at Thank you for reading!

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