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I was very excited when I first moved to Syracuse, NY because it has so much to offer. One of the things that this city has is some amazing restaurants! Be sure to check out the great food offered in the many restaurants in Armory Square. The number one place for me to eat down there is The Black Olive. The first time I went to The Black Olive, I experienced love at first bite! The food is flavorful, and it’s unlike anything else in the area! Not only is the food great, but so is the service! Before eating at The Black Olive, I had never really taken the time to explore Greek food. I was happy and relieved to eat at a place that had a staff who not only had the patience to explain the menu, but who were also excited to talk about the food! The only bad thing I have to say about this place is that it’s a bit on the small size. HOWEVER, The Black Olive has relocated since my last visit! The location is right across the street from its former location, and it has A BIGGER SPACE! I have not yet been to the new location, but I have walked by and checked it out. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to visit!

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