D.I.Y Sharpie Mugs


I am sure you may have seen this craft online before or maybe you have heard about it through a friend who did it with their kids. I first saw this craft when I was browsing through Instagram. I looked up how to do the craft on A Beautiful Mess (I absolutely love that website and the creators behind it). The site recommends using sharpies and baking the mugs at 350 degrees. But, if you just do that, you will find that the marker will fade drastically; and, because it is not water safe, your design will wash right off EVEN if you wash it by hand.

After reading about 15 give or take, different DIY blogs I found that: You should buy your mugs from a dollar store because the glaze is going to be of a cheaper make which means that it will bond better with the marker. Also, DO NOT USE A PLAIN SHARPIE MARKER! I have tried a bunch of different permanent markers on this project and there are two different kinds of markers you can use. BIC permanent markers work well with this project. They are what I used the first time I made my Sharpie mug.The color of the marker did darken and fade a little, but not by much. Also, after the mugs cooled and I washed the mugs by hand, the marker did not wash or chip off. I really put it to the test by using a steal wool scrubby with soap and the mug was still fine! I have also used the OIL-BASED sharpies.These are much more expensive and are sold individually. They will cost you about three bucks a marker! I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon. There are also oil based paint markers you can get at other craft stores that work the same.They are sold in packages for about fifteen dollars, tops. The only downside to using oil-based markers is that you have to make sure you are using them lightly. I had a few issues where I was pressing too hard and the paint leaked out and dripped down all over.(Note:When you make any kind of mistake or if you just decide you don’t like where the design is headed, you can remove the marker by using nail polish remover! When removing a small portion, use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover). There were also times when the marker was applied too thick on the mug and the paint chipped off when I did the wash test. I recommend using the BIC permanent markers for your first time, it’s cheaper and faster.

Now, when it comes to deciding what temperature to set the oven at, most blogs say 350 degrees. However, I did find a blog that set the oven to 420 degrees and got better results. My friend and I set the oven to 420 degrees for our first time and we had great results! We did have a few little brown marks on our mugs caused from the heat, but we just wet down a Q-tip and rubbed the dark spots away!Also, when I set the oven to 420 degrees, we had used the BIC markers.Later on, when I made the mugs using the oil-based markers, I found that if I set the oven that high, the paint would chip. So, now I set the oven to 375 degrees when using any oil-based markers!

Now that I have given you all my knowledge about making a “sharpie mug I will break it down for you step by step:

Step 1.) Wash and dry the mug well before applying any marker to it.

Step 2.) Use tape and pencil to help map out your design or do it like I do and go freehand!

Step 3.) Let the ink set for about 20-30 minutes. About half-way through, place the mug in the oven prior to turning it on and then set the heat to 375 or 420 depending on what kind of marker you used, allow the mug to heat up along with the oven.

Step 4.) Let the mugs bake for about 20-30 minutes. When they are done, turn the oven off but do not take the mugs out.You want the mugs to cool down with the oven, this helps prevent any cracking.

Step 5.) YOU ARE DONE!

Some important things to remember: DO NOT put the marker/ paint anywhere near where your food or mouth will come in contact with it. Unlike some other paint markers, Sharpie Paint Markers are non-toxic and xylene free, but to be on the safe side just do not place in any spot your mouth or food may have contact! For example: Some people like to put deigns at the rim or on the inside of the mug, this would only really be okay if you are not going to use the mug for drinking/eating. Some people like to use this mugs as pen holders. Also, no matter what kind of marker you use for this project, NONE OF THE MARKERS ARE DISHWASHER SAFE! If you put your mug in the dishwasher, be prepared for disappointment! Some people say that there is a glaze that makes these mugs dishwasher safe, I haven’t looked into it because I view this as a fun cheap DIY craft and I don’t like the idea of spending that much money on this craft. The last and most important thing is to be safe and have fun! We hope you like this craft as much as we do! if you want to let us know what you thought about this post or have any questions, you can email us at travel.and.treats.blog@gmail.com

– Gabrielle Sara

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  1. FanceyPants says:

    Thanks for the great idea! I’ll be making gifts from my daughter 🙂

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