A Lovely Day For Tea

wpid-wp-1433876810668.jpeg            If you are in Rochester and looking for a great place to have cupcakes or tea, I recommend La Tea Da! This place is adorable! It is also a great place to relax and have some fun! I stumbled across this place when I was walking to the George Eastman museum with one of my closest friends and my little sister.  We thought the place looked cute on the outside, but once we walked in we didn’t want to leave! The place is like the ultimate tea party! They have a number of different tables set with all sorts of different tea sets! We felt like little kids again! They also have a variety of cupcakes and pastries, including gluten free ones! Our server was very friendly and loved that we were so excited to be there. She made us feel right at home. She took the time to go over the wide selection of cupcakes with us and was very patient as she explained what the flavors were along with the different fillings. It was such an enjoyable place to spend a relaxing afternoon and not feel rushed!  I know we plan to go back this summer. I hope we see you there!

–Gabrielle Sara

*Photo is from Blog.Syracuse.com

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