Just have faith. 

​I know this story is long but it has been a story I have been wanting to share for a while. These two photos were taken by my lovely sister a year apart from eachother. In the first photo ( Yellow Coat ) I was in a very frustrating part of my life. I had been working in retail for almost 11 years and had a good handful of failed attempts to try and bust out of the retail life. Despite all the beautiful things my life was blessed with at that time I was still very depressed and angry. Little did I know that 2 weeks after this photo was taken,my whole life would change. A week after this photo was taken James ( my husband to be in just 12 days)  and I sat down and talked about what was next for me. James could tell I was extremely unhappy at work and wanted to do his best to try and help me find a job I would love. I told him that I would love to land a full-time job working with preschool kids but I was very discouraged because I had applied to preschool/ daycare centers before and had been turned down due to my lack of experience. James and I prayed that God would help guide me to where I needed to be and we prayed for my eyes and ears to be open to hear what his plan for me was. Two days later I went into work and was talking with a co-worker and told her I really wanted to make a change and that I wanted to work at a preschool center. She then told me to talk to Melissa Terino and two days later after I had sent in my resume I got a call for a interview, then I was asked to come back the next day for a try-out and then the day after that I was offered the exact kind of job I prayed for. Now a year later I stand in the same area I was a year ago but now I love my job and I am crazy about the all the students ( and their amazing parents ) but I also have so much love and respect for my coworkers and my co-teachers you are all the bomb diggity, you have all helped me get to where I am and I can not thank you enough for that! It is so easy to lose faith especially when times are hard but I am so glad that even in my darkest of dark times I always saw the light and I never have up hope of strayed from my faith. 


Monday’s playlist 

Hello and welcome to our first Monday’s playlist! Music has always been a huge part of our lives … It is actually one of the things that made the 3 of us gals come closer together and we have made some good memories at concerts! Plus this is great way to beat the Monday Blues, just turn on these tunes and take yourself away! This Monday we are sharing some of Gabi’s favorite tunes to listen to. We hope you enjoy this post and we hope you take the time to check out these songs! 

I have to start this off by saying that I am a huge fan of female singers, not that I don’t enjoy male singers.. I just love to support and promote other females so when I find a great song sung by a female artist I tend to really let everyone know about it . 

The first song I picked to share from my playlist is “Night Bus” by Gabrielle Aplin. I have been a huge fan of Gabrielle Aplin for a few years now and it’s not just because we have the same first name haha. There is something about Gabrielle’s voice that draws me in and makes me what to listen to what she is singing about. What I really love about this song “Night Bus” is that is a bitter sweet song and my life has been full of bitter sweet moments so I am a sucker for this song. It’s a song about a woman on her way back to her partner via bus and on her journey back to her partner she realises that she doesn’t want to be in the relationship so she ends the relationship over the phone while she is on the bus. It is one of my favorite songs at the moment. 

The second song on my playlist is “Man on the Moon” by Zella Day. The thing I love about this song is that the instant it begins to play you instantly are transported to the perfect sunny summer day. To me this song is about a deep love that you dream about or a love that you long for so badly. This is the kind of love that is intoxicating and sometimes can take you to your own private love bubble. I love the romance to this song and think it’s the perfect song to play on a Sunday. 

The third song on my playlist is “Blind” by Dia Frampton and I am crazy about it! Some of us have had those friends that are in a relationship that just isn’t a good relationship to be in. But no matter what you say that friend stays in the relationship despite knowing that it isn’t a good relationship to be in and they constantly lean on you when times get bad in the relationship. This song is about being the friend that is always there,this song sounds like a diary entry to me and I love how personal it gets. 

I have enjoyed sharing some of the songs off my playlist I hope you all enjoy these tunes as much as I do and we can’t wait to share more of our favorite songs with you! 

Where the hell have you been? 

It has been a while since any of the team has blogged and we truly apologize for that but at the same time it give us the opportunity to give you the full 411. 

So last we talked we told you that Gabi and Vicky were going through some big changes in their lives .. Well our Drink of the Month blogger has been going through some big changes as well! 

Vicky is now living in India ( check out the Whirlwind Update *2 posts back* to see what Vicky has been up to ) 

Gabi landed her dream job as a preschool teacher and also has been planning a wedding! ( check out her post on January 30th for details about her engagement) 

DanaMarie has not only been helping Gabi plan her wedding but she has also started going back to school for Massage Therapy! 

Besides working week or going to school Gabi and DanaMarie have been traveling just about every weekend due to wedding events. 

 We know we have dropped the ball but we are working on picking that ball back up and getting this game started again. Also, we may have been M.I.A from the blog but we have been working our little butts off with teaming up with different companies to get you guys some cool discounts! 

We have some fun stuff planned for October and we can’t wait to share it with you!  Xoxo – Travel and Treats Team 

Your “Happy Monday” Travel Inspiration! 004

All over the world! Including your own country. Head somewhere you’ve not been before and explore. The stories we build on our travels are the things we live for and it’s why we go and adventure. 

This week I was riding home in a tuk tuk and we drove right pass a massive elephant walking down the street. It was one of those glorious “India” moments that I’ll cherish!!

Also, just for fun, here’s some great carvings on an old temple in Gwalior, India. 

Gwalior, India – Vicky Ward

Whirlwind Update – We’re now international! By Vicky

Hello friends. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything, for this blog or otherwise. In fact it’s been nearly a year. Shame on me. So, I’d like to do a quick update for you and soon I’ll be back to writing more regularly. 

In November 2016 I was offered a job that I had applied for back in July 2015. A year and four months of different stepping stones later, my dream was FINALLY starting to take shape. I finished out the dreadful job I had at the time in the middle of December and spent a month traveling around the states seeing as many friends as I could. You see, this dream job was going to take me overseas. In January 2017 I started training and found out in March that I was going to be relocating to New Delhi, India for two years. I took some more training, including 8 weeks of full time Hindi classes. (Side note: 8 weeks of Hindi is absolutely nuts.) In May I said goodbye to friends and family and moved to New Delhi. 

India has been life changing for me… and I still have 21 months to go. There have been moments when I’ve found myself incredibly homesick – sometimes for family and friends, sometimes for America, sometimes even for food. It can be hard being a foreigner every single day. 

However, I have no regrets and wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I’m absolutely fascinated by India’s culture, people, architecture, history, and so much more and I am really looking forward to sharing more experiences with you here at Travel and Treats. And not just my experiences in India, but also some info, tips, lists, stories, and photos about other travel adventures. 2017 has some exciting trips planned to some amazing places including Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Israel, Myanmar, and The Maldives. And I CAN’T WAIT!!! 

Stay tuned and adventure with us! 

Your “Happy Monday” Travel Inspiration!

The first time I ever did solo traveling was an amazing experience and also a surprising one. I expected exploring new cities, food, culture, and meeting new people. I didn’t anticipate for meeting myself. After all, I had been me for 29 years. But I learned so much of who I am. That’s one of the greatest things about traveling… you find yourself. 

PS – update on what’s been going on with us is coming to you tomorrow!!! 

Your “Happy Monday” Travel Inspiration!

As we begin to gear up and post more frequently, we’re introducing a quote for the week. Hopefully, these will inspire and encourage you to go out and explore. 

We figured this is a great one to start with, especially since Vicky, starting this week will be sharing her adventures overseas as Travel and Treats is now officially international!

Stay tuned….